Lisbon - Black Death

Not human!?
In which they learn of their cursed life.

It is unfortunate, really, to find that one’s life has gone quite wrong so suddenly. To wake up and realize that you can no longer seem to eat food, that you crave instead the taste of blood… drawn directly from the veins of still breathing people.

This is a short log, alas, but just to record what transpired:

The noble members of the Reis family continued their exploration of the estate they came to at. They found numerous dead bodies, and one still living one — a woman who claimed to be the servant who looked after Fernando, second in line to the throne of Portugal. Esteban put her to work fetching food from the orchard, unaccompanied.

In brief, the rest of the evening:

  • The party spent the night in the priest’s house. Pedro discovered that sunlight was suddenly unfriendly, but managed to keep the party safe before he passed out to sleep.
  • A member of the Invictus, Afonso son of (who?) son of Leonardo, was doing a census of the living/dead with two of his retainers.
  • The party met up with Afonso and had a rather tense discussion.
  • To make a point, Afonso attacked the serving woman and shoved her towards the party.
  • Luc was unable to resist and found himself biting and feeding from the woman.
  • Combat ended when Afonso said the woman would die if she did not receive aid. He explained what to do to close up the wound and Luc did the deed.
  • Afonso took some time to explain to the others that they were now vampires. Much confusion ensued.
  • He also taught them what to say if they ever needed help from the local Invictus: ignus mundabo Lusitania. Isabel seems to understand what it means.
  • Isabel gave the parchment she had gathered to Afonso, who took it without comment before his group gathered up and left.
The Adventure Begins...
Our hapless adventurers are welcomed to the 14th century.

Lo and behold, on the twelfth day of the ninth month in the year of our Lord 2011 … three nobles of the family Vasconcellos and their honorable Man-at-Arms did begin their adventure … dun dun DUN!

The game opened with Esteban Vasconcellos, oldest son and Heir of Lord Fernam, being at home at the family estate north of Lisbon. He was running the manor, and made such orders as “keep the manor separate from the village” and “have the Priest bless all”.

Luc, wayward son of the family, came home with his horse in a lather. He was almost mad with fear over the things he had seen up to the north — entire villages wiped out by this sickness, bodies being burned, etc.

Meanwhile, in Lisbon, fair daughter Isabel and family man-at-arms Pedro were ordered by Lord Fernam to return to the estate for safety. They set out to travel, camping halfway back to the manor. Overnight, Pedro noticed a glow in the east… something burning.

The group was reunited at the estate and set about to sleep.

Luc woke first, realizing his right arm was covered in blood and the rest of his limbs were tied down. He saw some unknown person wielding a knife, standing over the prostrate body of Constanza, betrothed of Esteban. The strange man plunged the knife into her chest, wounding her grievously.

Pedro was next awake and realized the family he was sworn to protect was in danger. He valiantly tore himself free of his bonds and stood up, charging the stranger and attacking him. He managed to turn the man’s knife and plunge it partially into his shoulder, causing a surprising wound.

Shortly after, Esteban and Isabel awoke and Luc set about to free his older brother, but Esteban proved the better of his bonds and loosed them easily. Luc then worked on getting Isabel free while Pedro attacked the knife-wielding man. Something happened, then, a strange attack from the strange man, and Pedro was curled on the floor, his mind shattered with fear.

Esteban took up the assault, then, tackling the man to the ground and assaulting him. They wrestled on the ground for a few moments while Isabel armed herself with a candlestick and Luc looked for exits from the room they were trapped in. Finally, Esteban proved victorious and the stranger let out a strangled cry and seemingly evaporated. The knife similarly melted to dust, leaving behind just the haft.

Moments later, Esteban saw the dead woman at the front of the room, and realized that it was his love … and saw the blood on her chest, and her exposed neck … and realized that he was hungry. Hungry in a way he had never felt before. Some part of him rose up and seized control, his mind screaming as he felt himself hurtle forward, tear open the woman’s throat, and drink the last vestige of her life away.

The room was silent for a moment, stunned at the demonic display by the heir. Before anybody could act, Esteban threw himself away from his betrothed, blood painting his face, and screamed in denial. The rest of the group moved on, confused, but wanting to get away from this room of horror. Pedro ripped open a door as Esteban gathered up the still warm corpse of Constanza.

Luc journeyed into the manor, examining the main hall for signs of life. When none were immediately obvious, he called for the rest of the party. Meanwhile, Isabel had done what she could to search the room, finding some unknown parchment for her troubles. Clutching her candlestick, she left the room with her brothers and family guardian.

And there the adventurers were left… standing in the main hall of the unfamiliar manor, clothed in unfamiliar robes of white, and carrying the dead woman and the empty haft of the knife that burnt away.


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